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Fraud and scams are a problem you can live without

What is Reassura?

Reassura is a service offering expert advice and guidance on scams and fraud. Join and you’ll have access to a team of UK based, specialist Fraud Advisors who will help you make the right decision whenever you’re worried about a potential scam.

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Stay safe from:

  • Phone scams

  • Mail scams

  • Online shopping fraud

  • Pension/investment scams

  • Rogue tradesmen

How it works

  1. Step 1

    Join Reassura and receive unlimited access to our specialist fraud advisors., timely scam alerts and regular newsletters.

  2. Step 2

    Whenever you’re worried about a potential scam just call: 0800 888 6400

  3. Step 3

    Our friendly Fraud Advisors will listen to your problem or question and give you expert and personal advise.

  4. Step 4

    Having got a second opinion from Reassura you can then make an informed decision, helping to keep your money and property safe, and your confidence in tact.

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How could Reassura help you?

Let’s take John as an example.

Image: Mobile phone displaying a potentially fraudulant text message containing a suspicious link
  1. John recently paid his vehicle tax and has received a text from DVLA.
  2. John clicks on the link and he’s asked for his card details to issue the refund.
  3. He’s not sure if it’s safe, so he calls Reassura.
  4. Reassura recognises it as a fake text.
  5. John blocks the text, and doesn’t send his card details.
  6. He avoids being scammed and keeps his money, and his confidence.
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When you join Reassura, you’ll be able to:

  • Get an expert second opinion whenever you're worried
  • Enjoy your independence
  • Answer the phone or door more confidently
  • Use the Internet safely
  • Never worry about emails
  • Shop safely online
  • Be confident about cold calls

Join Reassura for expert advice on scams and fraud

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