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Reassura is a service offering expert advice and guidance on scams and fraud.

Join today to be kept up to date with scam alerts, gain unlimited access to all our videos and guides or call our team of UK based Fraud Advisors for specialist advice.

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We can help with:

  • Phone scams

  • Mail scams

  • Online shopping fraud

  • Pension/investment scams

  • Rogue tradesmen

How it works

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    Join Reassura and receive unlimited access to our specialist fraud advisors., timely scam alerts and regular newsletters.

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    Whenever you’re worried about a potential scam just call: 01628 950790

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    Our friendly Fraud Advisors will listen to your problem or question and give you expert and personal advice.

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    Having got a second opinion from Reassura you can then make an informed decision, helping to keep your money and property safe, and your confidence intact.

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When you join Reassura, you’ll be able to:

  • Get an expert second opinion whenever you're concerned
  • Be aware of all the latest threats
  • Use the internet safely
  • Access the UK's largest library of guides & videos
  • Share your knowledge and protect your friends

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