Our story

In summer 2016 my wife’s cousin Toby was staying with their 92 year old grandmother Dolores. She’s vivacious, energetic and independent. So one afternoon when the phone rang and Dolores told Toby not to answer it, he knew something was up. He asked why and she explained “unpleasant people sell you things that don’t exist”.

He discovered that a cold caller had sold her a non-existent call blocking service for £600. Having fallen victim to one scam she was now being targeted by others. She felt too embarrassed to tell anyone and simply stopped answering the phone.

When we heard about the scam, we were struck that Delores hadn’t just lost her money, she’d also lost the use of her phone – so valuable in maintaining her independence. And she’d been deeply affected by the emotions of having been cheated and not wanting to share that with anyone.

Researching into fraud we realised that anyone can be cheated no matter how savvy they are. We also found that when fraudsters prey on older people, victims don’t just lose money, they lose their independence and confidence too, with fear making them more and more isolated. We started thinking about how best to protect the people we love. Reassura is the result.

Reassura is a service that provides immediate fraud advice from trained, UK-based advisors. Whenever you call, you’ll speak to a friendly person who’ll take your question seriously and be there to help. Reassura combines good old-fashioned personalised service with modern technology to provide fast access to experts. We also keep records of all calls so we can identify members who are being specifically targeted and help them take action.

Today Reassura is here not only to help our loved ones, but to help people all over the UK protect their money, confidence and independence.

Dolores and Mark White, Founder of Reassura

Reassura is here not only to help our loved ones, but to help people all over the UK protect their money, confidence and independence.

Mark White, Founder of Reassura

Our team

  • Mark White

    Co-founder and CEO

    Mark spent over 20 years in finance working around the world as a problem solver. When he became aware of the problem of older people losing their money and confidence through scams he decided to find a solution, that’s where Reassura started.

  • David White

    Co-founder and CFO

    David is a chartered accountant and an experienced senior financial director. David’s mother lives alone and he is very aware of the daily challenges she and her peers face. He’s a strong believer in empowering people so they can live happy and independent lives.

  • John Seale

    Fraud expert

    John has over 30 years experience working in trading standards. He’s trained officers and spent 13 years as head of public protection at North East Lincolnshire Council. Through his work John has seen first hand the dreadful consequences of scams and the need for a new solution.

  • Professor Mark Button

    Head of the University of Portsmouth Centre for Counterfraud Studies

    Professor Button has prepared our Fraud Advisor training materials and consults on our research reports including "Breaking the Taboo", which received extensive national media coverage.