Chubb Homeworking Scam Alert

Very wisely as many people as can are working from home. Unfortunately, unless we are all extra vigilant this is giving cyber criminals an extra opportunity. At work most of us sit behind “military standard” firewalls with “enterprise level” email filters helping us all stay safe. However, the same is unlikely to be the case at home. This week the national Cyber Security Centre has produced some excellent advice to help us all stay safe whilst home working.


Tips and Advice

  • Are your passwords strong enough? – Unfortunately, most of us use the same password and that is too risky please watch the Reassura Guide to Strong Passwords video
  • Don’t Click – on any link in an email or text that you are not 100% sure is genuine, always go independently to their website and log in to execute any action
  • Be extra vigilant – for phishing emails as opportunistic cybercriminals send out millions of phishing emails when there is a major data breach trying to con the unwary into logging into a fake site so they can steal your details
  • Enable 2-factor authorisation – on any online account where it is available. Although having to enter a code from a text message or email may be momentarily inconvenient it sure beats being scammed!
  • Consider a VPN – Virtual Private Networks add a very easy and helpful layer of security. Read the Reassura Guide to VPNs to learn more
  • Keep devices safe – Be extra vigilant with where you devices are and if you use any removable media, such as USB sticks, that they are safe at all times
  • Be aware of Coronavirus scams – Read our Guide
  • Run regular virus scans – Help your anti-virus software keep you safe by regularly checking for nasties
  • To report a fraud – and receive a police crime reference number call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or use their online fraud reporting tool.