Instagram Scam Alert

Instagram users need to be aware of a nasty new “phishing” email that has been hitting people’s inboxes. Many of us love sharing photos or video clips on Instagram and this email suggests that the user has been guilty of a “Copyright Infringement” and that their account will be suspended within 24 hours. To stop this happening “all” you need to do is click on the “Copyright Objection Form”, this leads to another site where you are invited to hand over all your personal details. This is a very high-quality scam with the website that you go to being https, i.e. has a padlock, and a link address so long that the only part you can easily see looks very genuine bit its FAKE. According to Avanan 1 in 25 branded emails are phishing emails.


Tips and Advice

  • Dear customer? – Most scam emails are not addressed personally, so avoid any emails or texts which do not address you by name. In this case they are personalised so we even then we need to be vigilant
  • From who? – Who does it come from, click on the sender to check, it’s not foolproof but it catches a lot
  • Don’t click! – Never click on any links or attachments, it is much safer to go separately to your Instagram account and see if there are any action items!
  • Don’t – be pressured into acting quickly, this is a ‘red flag’ and sign of a scam
  • Report it – to Instagram by sending email to
  • ID Protection –  If you’re worried about identity fraud and would like to protect your identity contact CIFAS
  • Still Unsure? – Join Reassura 0800 888 6400 and one of our fraud advisor’s will help you to stay safe
  • To report a fraud – and receive a police crime reference number call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or use theironline fraud reporting tool


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