iPhones owners NEED to read this!

Apple customers can justly feel quite smug about all the risks that they avoid compared to Windows and Android devices. And the data backs this up with 98.5% of all phishing attempts last year being aimed at non-Apple devices but that 1.5% still represents millions of attacks and dangers.

Staff at Google’s Project Zero programme have uncovered several flaws in Apple’s iMessage text app. The scary thing about these flaws is that this flaw is simply there, i.e. its not from downloading anything or any user interaction. The flaw allows attackers to view files and crash devices.

The good news is that Apple are aware of these flaws and in the latest update, which was sent out last week fixes 5 out of the 6 bugs that the researchers found. So, the first takeaway from this is that we must all regularly update our devices, in fact I just checked my iPhone and found that I hadn’t downloaded the iOS 12.4 update which fixes this problem. To do this,  go to “Settings” on your iPhone, then “General”, then “Software Update”, your phone will then check to see if there are any updates and give you the option to update if there is one there.

iPhone users should not panic about the remaining flaw, Apple are aware and will undoubtedly produce a fix soon. But as mentioned above this news does highlight that although Apple devices do offer a lot of protection, they still have vulnerabilities and users should not be complacent. Secondly, users of all devices must keep their devices updated, its very easy to ignore updates but many of them are security related and we all need to stay focused on keeping safe and secure.