Juice Jacking Scam Alert

So you’re out, your battery is dying and you really need a charge, thank goodness for that coffee shop or airport providing a USB port to charge from, STOP DON’T, fraudsters have started breaching unsecured charging kiosks and installing malware that downloads data from your device, note USB connectors have 5 pins and only 1 is for charging! Similarly, there have been cases where public USB charging points have downloaded malware onto devices, and which then sends personal data to the criminals.


Tips and Advice

  • Plug sockets good, – USB bad! Old fashioned sockets are fine as no data transfer can take place
  • External batteries – wireless charging stations and power banks are all okay
  • USB condoms! – Or data-blockers, exist, they are a small plug which connects to your USB and blocks any data transmission and are available quite cheaply from Amazon.
  • Contact – your bank or credit card company if you are worried that you have given out financial details
  • ID Protection –  If you’re worried about identity fraud and would like to protect your identity contact CIFAS
  • Still Unsure? – Call Reassura 0800 888 6400 and one of our fraud advisors will help you to stay safe


To report a fraud and receive a police crime reference number call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or use their online fraud reporting tool.

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