Microsoft Huge Threat Scam Alert

The Microsoft Security Intelligence team have issued a warning about a massive fake email campaign which installs very nasty malware on to your system. The email claims to be from the John Hopkins Centre about an update on Covid related deaths and encourages you to open the Excel attachment to see the graphs, DON’T! The Excel attachment has some very nasty malware within it which then gives criminals unfettered access to your device.


Tips and Advice

  • Don’t click – On any attachments to unexpected emails or texts. Go to the website separately to find out any information
  • Covid related? – A lot of cyber security experts are going as far to say that you should not open any texts or emails which are Covid related as scams are so prevalent
  • Already clicked? – Then you need to deep clean your device, we would suggest running both an AV scan and using Malwarebytes. And, then you need to change all your passwords!
  • Personal means private! – Do not divulge personal details unless you are certain who you are talking to
  • Still Unsure? – Join Reassura 0800 888 6400 and one of our fraud advisors will help you to stay safe
  • To report a fraud – and receive a police crime reference number call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or use their online fraud reporting tool.


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