Real Life Story- A smart wine investor is scammed and they keep coming back

6 months ago, a gentleman contacted Reassura about a wine investment that he had made and was worried about. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fraudulent wine investment schemes out there and so we investigated the case. It was a strange case with some real parts and some clearly fake parts. There was some real wine purchased and we helped the investor to get that back, sadly not all the wine was purchased and so there was a loss. The scary part is what has happened since the original scam.

The event which worried the investor was a letter about 6 months after his investment from “Global Capital Holdings” informing him of insolvency of the wine investment company but that they could help him recover his wine, for a fee. As you can see below that fee was almost £5,000. Although concerned the investor did pay the fee but was concerned enough to contact us just after.

A lot of people think that they are too smart to fall for scams like this, but in this case the investor did some research and found that Global Capital Holdings was a real company listed at Companies house with a multimillion pound per year turnover and that’s why he paid the extra money. Unfortunately for the investor, the fraudsters were just using the company name, or cloning it, and are nothing to do with Global Capital Holdings. Hence why we insisted the investor not pay any more money over.

Then, a mere 3 months later the investor receives another letter from another company called “Payment Escrow Solutions” offering to help him recover his monies.

The investor contacted us and we told him to ignore it. This time they picked a name which was close to a real company called “Payment Solutions” but again they were just cloning.

These fraudsters are relentless and so it should be no surprise that a few months later the investor receives another letter from a new company called “Premier Asset Management” offering to recover lost monies for a fee.

Again, they picked a real company to clone, but it’s a fund management company and nothing to do with asset recovery.

And then, just one month later:

Again, there is a real investment company called Regent Capital, but its nothing to do with “Capital Exchange Programme” and has just been cloned by fraudsters to lend a veneer of respectability to the scam.

In the scam world these are known as follow-on scams where fraudsters try to prey on victims’ feelings of frustration/anger/embarrassment etc at having been conned and offer them the glimmer of hope of recovery but its just a cruel scam.

Reader should note how well executed theses scams are. Good looking letter heads, real/cloned companies, personally addressed etc. Even quite scam aware people who do their homework can be taken in by these sophisticated scams. At Reassura we helped this investor recover some monies and not lose anymore. We are here to help our members get a second opinion and avoid these nasty situations. If you have been the victim of a scam please be very wary of anyone contacting you to help recover your money and do not pay any fee for this “service”, if in doubt please call us.