Reassura Guide to Fortnite Scams: What every player (or parent) needs to know

Fortnite is a phenomenon that has overwhelmed my household and I suspect many of our members. This highly addictive online game is both my sons’ go to form of home entertainment. My delight at it being “free” disappeared long ago as the hours they “waste on it” accrued and the requests for paid-for extras such as skins, battle passes etc. Anything with 78 million players, many of whom are children is manna from heaven for fraudsters. ZeroFox research has uncovered 47,770 live domains hosting Fortnite scams and 1390 YouTube videos advertising malicious links with millions of views.

Common Fortnite Scams

Compromised Account

A fraudster uses the real players credentials to access their account, buys a host of add-ons using the stored payment details and then sells the credential on an auction site. The password etc. having been gathered either through malware inadvertently downloaded by the user or by phishing, (often an email with a link).

YouTube Video Clips/Social media Advert

“Amazing” short video clips telling players about fantastic ways to get free Fortnite extras and V-bucks just by clicking through to a website, the website then asks for their credentials etc. and even payment card details. Now the fraudsters have all they need.

Fake Fortnite iPhone App

Originally Fortnite was not available on the iPhone and so there were a host of fake apps available, now it is, just make sure it’s the Epic Games one.


How to avoid Fortnite Scams


  • If it’s too good to be true – This is one of Reassura’s Golden Rules and it ends with “Then it isn’t. The are no free v-bucks etc.
  • Unclean Downloads – Always be careful what you download, most malware is hidden in free downloads and so only download what you 100% trust.
  • Strong & Safe Passwords – are essential and not ever to be given over the phone, email, text etc, only for use on the official site.
  • 2 Factor Authentication – turn this on to improve your security, it is much stronger than just a password.
  • Stranger Danger – When playing online avoid sharing anything about yourself or family with strangers, many parents only allow their children to talk to people they know while playing online.
  • Strange account activity? – Report it to Fortnite, change your password, enable 2 factor authentication and tell credit or debit card provider.
  • Remote Assistance? – Only ever allow if you contacted a trusted supplier to help with a problem.
  • Still Unsure! Call Reassura 0800 888 6400 our fraud advisors are committed to helping you to avoid fraud.

If you think that you might have been a victim of a Fortnite Scam

  • Notify your card provider immediately, the number is on the back of your card.
  • Report it to Fortnite


Reassura is dedicated to helping raise awareness of scams and fraud and the impact they have on their victims.  Reassura’s team of specialist anti-fraud advisors are on-hand to offer advice designed to help individuals make better informed decisions and avoid the unpleasant consequences of becoming a victim. For further information visit: or call 0800 888 6400