Reassura Guide to Using Zoom Safely

Millions of us are currently working from home and relying on Zoom for face to face interaction with colleagues, pupils, teachers, client and even friends and family. Zoom has gone from 10million monthly users at the end of 2019 to 300million now. But, when you read that organisations as diverse as Google, Daimler and the German Government are banning its use because of security issues its very worrying. We still think Zoom can be used safely but users should follow the following tips to stay safe.

  • Use Zoom but not the app! – It is far safer to use the Zoom web interface to access meetings rather than the app. The reason for this is that this limits the ability of any malicious code or hackers to access your system. Also, there are lots of fake Zoom apps out there, most of which contain nasty malware and so if you do not use the app you avoid downloading potential fakes. Those who do want to use the app please make sure that you download it from Zoom’s official site
  • Password protect – your meetings, this is done by clicking on “Settings”, then “Require a password when scheduling new meetings”. After this all participants will need the meeting password to enter. Holders of subscriptions can force everyone who uses the subscription to follow this practice by enabling through “Group Management”. Doing this will stop what have become known as Zoom bombers who invade meetings and sometimes share very unsavoury images
  • Use waiting rooms – This allows you to screen participants before they enter the meeting. To enable click “Account Management”, then “Account Settings”, then check that the “Waiting Room” option is turned on. Zoom has a great video and information on this here
  • Remove unwanted attendees if someone got through that you don’t know or want there them kick them out using the “Participants” tab, then “More”, then “Remove Participant” and its worth checking that they cannot re-join by disabling the “Allow Removed Participants to Rejoin” tab which is found at “Settings: Meetings – basic” tab
  • Update, update, update – sadly such a hugely popular app will attract cyber criminals in their thousands if not millions and so it is key that as Zoom fix vulnerabilities that we all make sure that our version is the most up to date and so the most safe
  • Still Unsure? – Call Reassura 0800 888 6400 and one of our fraud advisor’s will help you to stay safe


As we said at the beginning, we believe Zoom is a godsend in these difficult times but like every innovation it needs to be used carefully to ensure safety.