TV License Refund Email Scam

Reassura’s anti-fraud specialists have become aware of an email phishing scam designed to steal people’s bank details. The email promises a refund due to an incorrect over payment. The email is not from TV Licensing and claims that an attempt to refund an amount was unsuccessful because the account information they hold is incorrect.

Links in the convincing looking email lead to a cloned website (that looks similar to an official TV Licensing website) but is designed to harvest and exploit your personal information.


Tips and Advice

  • Check the email contains your name – TV licensing will always include your name in any emails they send you.
  • Check the email subject line – anything along the lines of “Action required”, “Security Alert”, “System Upgrade”, “There is a secure message waiting for you”, and so on, should be treated as suspect.
  • Check the email address – does the email address look like one that TV Licensing use? For example Look closely as often the address may be similar.
  • Check for a change in style – often the scammers will take the real emails and amend them. Look out for changes in the wording used, especially if it seems too casual or familiar.
  • Check for spelling and grammar – are there any spelling mistakes, missing full stops or other grammatical errors?
  • Check the links go to the TV Licensing website – hover over the links in the email to see their destination and check the web address carefully. If you are not sure, go directly to the TV Licensing website.
  • Never provide details by email – TV licensing will never ask you to reply to an email and provide bank details or personal information.


To report a fraud and receive a police crime reference number call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or use their online fraud reporting tool.

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