Unwanted Explicit Photo Scam Alert

Although this is not strictly a scam the effects of receiving unwanted explicit photos are very similar to normal scams. Anger, upset, embarrassment, invasion of privacy, or worse if your children receive them! British Transport Police have seen a 94% increase in reported cases of “cyber flashing” in 2019. Perverts use the airdrop functionality of their iPhones to send images and iPhones within a small distance will unless blocked receive them. This abhorrent behaviour is not currently illegal in England and Wales and so we must protect ourselves and our loved ones.


Tips and Advice

  • Neutral name – Change the name of your phone to something non-descript, e.g. from “Emma’s phone” to “EF phone”
  • Block Airdrops – Some might say a little draconian, but would you really miss anything? Go to Settings > General > AirDrop and choose an option from Receiving Off, Contacts Only and Everyone
  • Still Unsure? – Call Reassura 0800 888 6400 and one of our fraud advisors will help you to stay safe
  • To report a fraud – and receive a police crime reference number call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or use their online fraud reporting tool


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