YouTube Free iPhone X Scam

One of Reassura’s anti-fraud specialists received this notification/pop-up today on their iPhone. This is another form of the same smishing and phishing scam where fraudsters want you to click on a link which will then either ask you for personal data that they can use for identity theft or take you to an external site that will download malware on to your phone.

Sadly, there are no free iPhone Xs in the World and this notification should be ignored.


Tips and Advice

  • Use common sense – Does it sound to good to be true? If it does, then it’s not true.
  • If you have clicked? – As long as your iPhone software is up to date viruses on iPhone are very rare, most of these scams are more interested in your personal or credit card information, DON’T give either. If you have an Android phone the risk of malware is greater.
  • Anti-Virus protection – Just like your PC, your phone, particularly non-iPhone need anti-virus protection to be installed.
  • Factory Reset – If you have clicked on a suspect link and are concerned then going to Settings and performing a factory reset will help, but all data, contacts etc will be lost.
  • Download safety – only download or install Apps from trusted sources, otherwise you will not really know what you are putting on your device
  • Avoid free wi-fi – using unsecure public wi-fi is risky, it exposes your phone/tablet/pc to high risks. Fraudsters can position themselves in between you and the connection point and intercept all your personal information.

To report a fraud and receive a police crime reference number call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or use their online fraud reporting tool.

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